Phuket International (PIAC)

Phuket International Hospital – Earning Positive Response from Critical Problem!

There are several reasons behind the success of Phuket international hospital. Basically the world skilled surgeons are the real strength of hospital. It is surrounded in the beautiful island and cover by the crystal clear waters of the sea. So, it is suitable place for out sides to travel as well as earning positive response from their various health problems. Phuket international hospital is gaining much popularity for its advanced surgery process so world wide fashionable people are coming forward to increasing their beauty and shape. Also the transportation facility of the city is suitable for every corner of patients to land easily for their treatments process. Due to this reason every years more than thousands of patients are moving towards the area. Among other the restaurants and hotel facility are available in much cheaper cost than other area. After the remodeling of Phuket international hospital in year 2007 is never looks back.    When possible we can make sure that the insurance claims are processed fast, we can liaise with family doctor, embassy and loved ones at your home as well as we can make sure your individual requirements are met. Also, it is important to us foreign patients get standard of care they expect.

What we do?

International Office is full service, and one stop office, which helps international patients as well as referring physicians searching for the consultation, second opinion and treatment for complex illness and injury. International Office staff makes that very simple to get care just by coordinating medical & personal requirements for patients before the arrival, during stay & on discharge.

Additionally, International Office…

Schedules appointments with the Phuket International Hospital doctors,

Coordinates admissions, and hospital stay as well as discharge process,

Gives interpretation services in many languages,

Conducts transportation arrangements that includes ground and air ambulance services and from Phuket International Hospital & international medical evacuations,

Gives help with the financial arrangements that includes advance estimates for deposits, fees, as well as payments,

Coordinates arrangements between patient, Phuket International Hospital, 3rd party insurance companies, as well as other businesses,

Helps with improving quality of the hospital services just by giving link between the Phuket International Hospital and all over.

The Phuket International Hospital has enviable reputation as the leading centres for the Plastic Surgery in Thailand. Majority of patients who come in Phuket International Hospital for the Plastic Surgery treatments are the foreigners (and non Thai nationals) & we are well equipped to exceed all expectations. Whenever the patients select to undergo the Plastic Surgery, they desire to look & feel the best, and desire to change the lifestyle. In Phuket International Hospital, we may help you to make informed option, choice that is good for you. And our advice is also straightforward, as well as we understand you require clear & concise answers to questions.  And view client testimony.