MTF Thailand Thailand

In some cases, males may feel that they need to change their gender into females because they feel that they fit better in that gender. In some countries, MTF surgeries are not that welcomed and you cannot perform them in the required privacy and because of that, MTF Thailand based surgery is considered the best solution for those looking for sex reassignment.

What is MTF Thailand based surgery?

MTF Thailand based surgery is the process where a male changes his male genital organs with female genital organs and changes the overall look of his body to resemble a fully matured woman. In many cases, this case occurs because of hormonal imbalance or because of psychiatric reasons.

What should I do before I go for MTF Thailand based surgery?

The first thing to do is to visit a psychiatrist and tell him about all your concerns. He will then determine the case and see if you need MTF Thailand based surgery or not. If he decides that you need such surgery then he will recommend a physician for your particular case.

The doctor will start with making many lab tests to know more about your hormones and their balance, after this, he will start administering some hormones to you in order to help changing your gender. When your body is ready to be changed from a male to female, you should look for a surgeon that is experienced enough in such cases and book a pre operative session with him or her.

What happens in the pre operative session of MTF Thailand based surgery?

Your surgeon will examine your body, perform some lab tests and then he will tell you more about the operation itself. He will also check the rest of your body and recommend some amendment surgeries that you can undergo in order to give you more feminine look

This includes, chin augmentation, cheek augmentation, jaw line modification, Adam’s apple modification and face make over.

During the MTF Thailand based surgery, the surgeon will change all the genital organs of the male to look like those of a female through very complicated procedures. He will also perform any previously agreed upon procedures that may give you a more feminine look.

What to do after MTF Thailand based surgery?

MTF Thailand base surgery is a very sensitive surgery that needs a good recovery period with no much exerted effort in order to help your incisions to heal better. You should also keep away from smoking and drinking alcoholic drinks because such things could hinder your healing and yield lower results.

During your recovery period, you should keep away from any sexual activities until your complete recovery and until your surgeon allots it. You should also follow all the instructions of your surgeon because all these instructions are very important for your health and for the quality of the results of the MTF Thailand based surgery.