FTM Thailand

Many people are seeking to change their sex or undergo gender reassignment because they feel that they fit better into the opposite sex. FTM surgery could be very expensive and that prevents many of them from undergoing such surgery but, with the emergence of the FTM Thailand based surgeries, people are not able to undergo such operations without the financial burden.

What is FTM Thailand based surgeries?

FTM or female to male surgery is a surgical procedure where a female can change her genital organs to look like a man. This could be done because of many reasons including genital disorders, psychiatric reasons as well as many other reasons.

Who is a good candidate for FTM Thailand based surgeries?

The perfect candidate for FTM Thailand based surgeries is a female that needs to change her gender into a male because of a realistic reason, have visited a psychiatrist and received several sessions and finally received a certificate enables her to undergo such operation and have been taking the required hormones too help carrying out such operation for at least a year.

Why female desiring to turn into males prefer FTM Thailand based surgeries?

There are many reasons for that and the most important reasons are: marked decrease in the cost of such operations, the high level of experience of surgeons carrying out FTM Thailand based surgeries, the abundance of high standard medical facilities that are able to serve these patients and finally, the great privacy they are able to have in Thailand.

What is the regular procedure of FTM Thailand based surgeries?

Basically, females who desire to turn into males should contact an experienced surgeon who is able to carry out such operation. Then, the patient should show a valid certificate of a certified psychiatric permitting her to take such procedure. She should also show the surgeon the evidence that she had been taking the needed hormonal treatment for at least a year before the date of the operation.

After that, the surgeon will set a date for a pre operative session during which he or she will discuss all the details of the operation including the entire possible make over surgical procedures that could be done in order to give the patient a more male look.

These plastic surgeries include sculpturing the jaw line, chin make over, cheek make over, breast reduction and liposuction of the hip and buttocks region as well as other procedure according to each individual case.

Recovery period

Like any other major surgical operation, FTM Thailand based surgeries need a recovery period and its duration depends mainly on each individual case. Make sure to ask your surgeon about the estimated recovery period for your case and how you can spend it.

Is it safe to have FTM Thailand based surgeries?

During the past several years, more and more FTM Thailand based surgeries had taken place successfully, thanks to the high standard of medical facilities and the board certified surgeons. Dealing with such high level of experience and safety will minimize the incidence of complications to a very low level.