Cheek augmentation Thailand

Cheek augmentation Thailand based surgery is one of the preferred surgeries for both men and women because it apply a great chance to their faces and make their faces look better proportional to their bodies. In some cases, cheek augmentation Thailand based surgery is used as a great solution to restore distorted face due to trauma or any disease that involve removing tissue or bone from the cheek area.

Who is a good candidate for cheek augmentation Thailand surgeries?

Men and women with good overall health and not satisfied with the shape of their cheek bones are considered the best candidates for cheek augmentation Thailand based surgery. Patient should be over 21 years old and he or she should be emotionally stable and not compelled by any other person to have the operation.

During the pre operative session, you surgeon will talk to you about the reasons that derive you to have cheek augmentation Thailand surgery. This will help the surgeon to understand what makes you take such surgery.

Also those who are suffering from bone removal due to a disease, trauma or accident may undergo cheek augmentation Thailand based surgery disregarding age barriers. This includes children who had an accident that distorted their faces and need to restore their original face features.

What is the regular procedure for chin augmentation Thailand surgery?

Basically, your surgeon will take your full history at the pre operative session then he will examine your case to decide the best options for your case. The full medical history will also help the surgeon to find out the best anesthesia for your particular case.

On the surgery day, your surgeon will receive you in your hospital room; the nurse will check all your vital functions including blood pressure, respiratory rate, sugar blood glucose level and other parameters to make sure that you are ready for the surgery.

You should be fasting for seven to eight hours before the cheek augmentation surgery. Make sure that you are wearing comfortable clothes that are easy to take off and wear back on again.

The cheek augmentation Thailand surgery procedure starts with an incision at the pre marked area of your face and then the surgeon will start to reshape the cheek bone. In most cases, the surgeon will add a cheek implant right onto or beneath the cheek bone and prepare the location until the implant fits perfectly in its location.

After that, the surgeon will suture the implant with dissolvable material and then suture back the incision with non dissolvable material. After that he will apply a compression bandage to your face in order to avoid the accumulation of fluid at the area of operation.

You should have someone to drive you home, especially if you have had general anesthesia as you won’t be able to drive. You should also follow your surgeon’s instructions before and after the operation in order to yield the best results and to accelerate your recovery of cheek augmentation Thailand based surgery.