Blepharoplasty Thailand

With the time passing by, the skin of the face loses its elasticity and starts to sag down. The eyelid is one of the skin folds that show the signs of age and because of that many people are now after blepharoplasty Thailand based surgeries in order to restore the youthful look of their faces.

What is blepharoplasty Thailand based surgeries?

Blepharoplasty Thailand based surgeries is a surgical procedure involving the upper, lower or both eyelids in order to remove the sagging appearance and restore the nice youthful look of your young face. There are several procedures for such operation and they are performed extensively these days. Many people are enjoying the satisfying results of Blepharoplasty Thailand based surgeries these days.

Who is a good candidate for Blepharoplasty Thailand based surgery?

A good candidate for such surgical procedure should be a middle aged male or female with sagging upper eyelid, swollen lower eyelid or generally with aging signs around the eye area. A good candidate should be of good overall health and with no significant eye disease at the time of operation.

What happens in a pre operative session for Blepharoplasty Thailand based surgery?

When you visit your eye surgeon for pre operative session before you Blepharoplasty Thailand based surgery, he will examine your eyes and tell you about the suggested procedures that could be performed on your case. He will also tell you about the expected results of Blepharoplasty Thailand based surgery.

Once you settle on the proper technique and the desired result, your surgeon will set a date for the operation and will give you some instructions to follow before the day of operation. The most important instructions include refraining from smoking and drinking liquors, stopping any aspirin or aspirin containing medications to avoid bleeding during the surgery and special instruction for the night and the morning before the operation.

What is the regular procedure of Blepharoplasty Thailand based surgery?

After applying the anesthesia to you, your surgeon will start with making incisions in your eyelid then he will start to stretch the skin to determine the amount that should be removed without affecting the shape of your eyes then, he will cut the excessive part of the skin and suture your incision back.

A compression bandage will be applied to the eye for couple of days then removed.

How would my eyes look like after Blepharoplasty Thailand based surgery?

Just after the operation, you will see that your eyes look swelled and bruised but, this is only temporary and will fade away with time to see the real result of the operation. You should understand that it takes time for the eye to restore its normal shape and appearance.

What should I do during my recovery period of Blepharoplasty Thailand based surgery?

Your surgeon will give you strict instructions to follow as well as many other medications that will help accelerating your eye healing. You should also wear your dark sunglasses and never get exposed to the direct sunlight until your wound is completely cured.