Mastopexy Thailand

Mastopexy is one of the major surgeries performed on the breast to make it look better, before you decide to undergo such surgery, check the following information to know more about mastopexy Thailand based surgery.

What is mastopexy?

Mastopexy or what is known as the breast lift operation is one of the plastic surgeries performed on the breast region in order to give it a perkier appearance and sometimes accompanied with increasing or decreasing of the breast size.

Who are the candidates for mastopexy Thailand?

Any mature woman with good overall health and not satisfied with her breast shape or size can undergo mastopexy to improve the shape of her breast. Ideal candidates are those who have finished their pregnancy period and are not satisfied with the sagging look of their breasts. Also those who have lost a considerable amount of weight and want to have their breasts look proportional to the rest of their bodies are ideal candidates for mastopexy Thailand based surgery.

What are the possible techniques of mastopexy Thailand based?

The most known technique is the anchor technique. The incision starts with a circle around the areola and then proceeds downward over the breast mass and then transversally across the breast crease. This anchor shape gives the surgeon the chance to cut the excessive skin, remove an amount of breast tissue or add a breast implant to reshape the breast before suturing back the breast.

There are other less invasive techniques of mastopexy Thailand based surgeries as the lollipop technique where the surgeon will discard the transverse incision along the breast crease and this would left less scars but, it won’t be effective in severe cases of sagging breasts.

The third method is relatively new and it involves making a fold underneath the breast crease in order to elevate the breast and give it the required shape. After that the skin fold is treated to be concealed within the skin and the breast.

What are the possible risks associated with mastopexy Thailand based surgery?

Mastopexy is as all other major surgeries and it involves the same risks including hematoma, infection and bleeding. There are also other specific risks associated with mastopexy like asymmetry between the two breasts. This usually happens when you deal with inexperienced surgeons for your mastopexy Thailand based surgery.

What is the usual recovery period for mastopexy Thailand based?

During the first couple of days after the mastopexy Thailand based surgery, you will need someone to help you out with most activities. Your surgeon will instruct you to wear a surgical or a supportive bra in order to support the wound until it heals completely. After a week or two, you will visit your surgeon once more to take off the stitches and after that you will be able to replace the surgical bra with a sport bra for the next 4 weeks.

Your surgeon will instruct you to start practicing after one month but, usually you will be able to return to your work after two weeks.