Yanhee Hospital

Yanhee International Hospital – Continue the Golden History in Medical Age!

Why the patients are mentioning the hospital as best solution at great location?

The Yanhee International Hospital has established in the year 1984 and it having 23 years bright career in medial field. This hospital has situated in Bangkok, where the patient can easily land on the place. Through this hospital the patient can have different types of medical facilities such as:

  • This hospital having 400 beds with 10 operating rooms.
  • The surgeon can offer 35 operating rooms for ambulant surgeries
  • Also 20 ICU beds
  • There are 95 examination rooms
  • It has also certified by the ISO 9001
  • From this hospital regularly 1500 to 2000 outpatients are arriving and depart from the hospital. There are 165 inpatient has came for the treatment.

Yanhee International Hospital is well dedicated to give you highest quality of the service & excellent patient care in cost-effective way. They are the largest hospitals in Asia and with biggest plastic surgery segment.  With more than 20 years of the quality service, and have expanded as well as grown to the international standard level, which has attracted the innumerable patients from different corners of world.

Specialty Centers

o Beauty Centers:  plastic surgery, weight control, skin care, and hair restoration

o General Treatment Centers:  orthopedic, urology, general medicine, opthalmology

o Dental Center: aesthetic dentistry, dental treatment, laser treatment, and oral surgery

o Naturopathic Medicine:  acupuncture, detox, and Thai medicine treatment


The ten story modern building has more than 400 beds capacity as well as well equipped with the modern facilities serving in-patients as well as 2,000 out patients daily for medical as well as beauty services.  Operating standards equal in case, not better than anywhere in world, and adhering to highest standards of the excellence.


They have highly trained staff to deal with the major and the minor medical problems – and these comprises of around 95 full time doctors, and specializing in the various medical fields as well as 120 part time professionals all along with the 800 caring, and considerate & compassionate nurses as well as staff at the service.


Compassion, integrity, quality, camaraderie as well as trust are profound beliefs that each citizen of world is ail entitled to the quality health care irrespective of creed, color or race, and that each person is been endowed with inalienable right to pursue a lot of happiness.