PAI Clinic

PAI Clinic – Assign the Best Treatment!

Why PAI clinic is the best one?

It’s the PAI clinic that has been constructed at the most convenient location in order to add more support for patients. Patients prefer to move for this clinic in order to add more sophisticated treatment procedures for their account. These days, so many patients prefer to opt for the clinic in order to get treated with the best way.

Why PAI clinic?

It has been considered as the biggest clinic in Asia and offering great clinical services for patients. PAI clinic has been located conveniently at Thonglor area which is also known as the heart of Bangkok city. The clinic comprises of three floors. At first floor, the evaluation task will be done. At the second floor, you will find the dermatology laser center and along with that the recovery rooms have been installed. And the third floor where the operation theatre is located.

Is PAI Clinic cost effective?

Favorable exchange rate of US Dollar to Thai Baht makes already low expense medical treatment incredible value to the medical tourists. With private hospital at Thailand being first to get JCI Accreditation in Asia, lots of others are now following the lead as well as have started application procedure. Government of Thailand is working with private hospital association to maintain the national lead as international medical tourism. Partner hospitals in Thailand are also among top healthcare services in country as well as are in par with top services in US. In case, you select to tour and vacation in country where you are getting the medical treatment, the International Medical Options will help you with the travel arrangements in the complete detail, from the transportation to tours accomodations. Many nations are all vying to become top spot for the international medical treatment & care.

Why to choose this clinic for your surgery?

Thailand is also optimal for residents of northwest U.S.A. & Canada since, it is desired overseas vacation location.   Having been researched as medical tourism in some other countries, and Thailand stands in forefront with many advantages;  infrastructure at Thailand is much better than India and Costa Rica.  Bangkok Thailand & surrounding area have a lot of tourism attractions, hotels as well as restaurants.  Thai people are also friendly & gracious and these combine to make the comfortable atmosphere for client looking for the overseas medical care.  With the International Medical choice, comfort is number one concern and they will alleviate the financial concerns, give you contact with the highly trained doctors, as well as schedule medical procedures at convenience.  Also,  p your trust in overseas medical care.