Samitivej Hospital

Samitivej Hospital – Let’s Move for the Hospital!

Why patients are moving for this hospital?

The Samitivej hospital, established in the year 1979 and it is one of the leading private hospital teams at this location. It has great history in medical age for dedicated to care and innovation in medical field. It was awarded by the WHO and UNICEF for mother and baby friendly relation. This hospital is the first who is awarded from the WHO and UNICEF at their location.

In this regard, the patient can rectify their problem through the advance technology of this hospital. This hospital have expertise surgeon who have expertise in the medical surgery with highly qualified in the medical sector. The patient can be removed their problem with the concern of the faculty of this hospital and with great innovation technology. Now hospitals require having the specialist in each medical field to ensure that patient’s each needs are all met. In Thailand, Samitivej Hospitals give best healthcare that you can ask for. Also, with highly trained staff & state of art medical equipment, Samitivej group gives you accredited JCI hospital at Thailand. In case, you are searching for the hospital in Thailand, never hesitate to turn one of four Samitivej hospitals.

For some of us, the hospitals get unavoidable at some point in time. Though you are forced to get the medical care, stay in hospital does not have to be unpleasant & uncomfortable. Now, modern hospitals are very clean & equipped to help you to feel more in home. Moreover, hospital’s staff can ensure that you are comfortable and taken care of around 24 hours in a day. In case, you are searching for the hospital at Thailand with the excellent medical care, and you must select one from Samitivej group. And here you can get chance to get best healthcare likely in the accredited JCI hospital at Thailand.

Samativej group is about excellent healthcare – and it has also given Bangkok 4 hospitals, which meet most rigorous standards. First hospital at Thailand of group is Samitivej Sukhumvit. That is built at 1979, the hospital has long history of the top healthcare. During almost thirty years of the existence, hospital has got a lto of awards from Hospital Accreditation Board and UNICEF. Samitivej Sukhumvit hospital is accredited JCI hospital at Thailand as well as has got Prime Minister Award for the Recognized Service in country.